Product Information Highlights

  • Tomato

    • De Ruiter™ Touche is a large Beefsteak tomato product offering with high yield potential, PM resistance and unique fruit quality. Touche is the newest Beefsteak tomato offering and was developed in Ontario to better withstand tough summer conditions. The average fruit weight for Touche is 270 grams and is a unique variety due to improved quality under harsh summer conditions. 

  • Cucumber

    • De Ruiter™ Avaya is a long English cucumber product offering that is ideal for Canadian summers since it maintains high resistance from PM and CGMMV. Avaya offers excellent product shape and color and is a great performer for spring and summer due to the open plant habit, high production opportunity, and a strong disease resistance package of the variety. Avaya is also known for it’s delicious taste in the English cucumber category. 

  • Pepper

    • De Ruiter™ Yellow Pepper DRPB2628* is a pre-commercial variety that has performed well during initial 2016 trials in Leamington. The 2016 growing season was extremely challenging, but despite that, the DRPB2628 showed higher yield, larger size, good shape, and above average rates in internal fruit quality.

      *Pre-commercial product offerings are experimental and are being shown or described for demonstration purposes only and are not yet being offered for sale.


      De Ruiter Brand Promise:

  • As a trusted brand, we are dedicated to giving our heated, protected-culture vegetable and rootstock growers the satisfaction of delivering the best possible products to market with pride.