Introducing Our New Pepper Lineup


Protected Culture growers go by many titles: Artist, Scientist and Entrepreneur. Every premium seed is a new opportunity. Every glasshouse is a window into a higher-performing business. Our customers have the greatest hunger for agronomic partnership. So when you grow De Ruiter® seeds, expect true collaboration. It’s how we deliver on our promise of giving Protected Culture growers that indescribable feeling of bringing better products to their markets.

Introducing four new varieties to complement your current pepper products. 

We’ve invested years of extensive testing and trialing to ensure these varieties meet the high quality standards our Protected Culture Growers have come to expect. With disease resistance packages as well as great shape, size and color consistency, these peppers will be an excellent addition to your pepper portfolio.


A red blocky pepper, offers good yield potential and excellent fruit quality for the bulk market all season long.


Dexter is a red, blocky pepper with high yield potential under Ontario conditions. Its early production allows for an expedited picking process that gives customers the ability maximize profits. Dexter is suitable for bulk-market, with an excellent


Sardinero is a yellow blocky pepper with high yield potential under Ontario conditions. Sardinero is suitable for bulk production with a high percentage.


Berkeley is a yellow blocky pepper with excellent fruit quality, a consistent blocky shape and uniform size. In trials*, Berkeley provided fruits for bulk market all season long with a high percentage of marketable fruits.


*Trial results from two internal and one external De Ruiter large plot (267 plants) trials in three locations across one province