Trusted Propagator Program – Helping Deliver High-Quality Plants on Time

At De Ruiter, we take great pride in our genetics. This is why we strive to produce the best quality seed in the market. When working with a living organism, there are often elements related to seed potential that are beyond our control (e.g., weather, seed storage, growing environment, etc.). Therefore, we collaborate with Propagators across Canada as part of the Trusted Propagator Program to help provide growers with the right amount of plants at the right time.*

How does this program work?

We realize most growers work through a Propagator for plant production, a vital step of a plant’s life cycle where high-quality seed and the right growing conditions are very important. With that in mind, De Ruiter developed relationships with Propagators to ensure they have the necessary tools to provide a great experience with De Ruiter® products. Propagators participating in the Trusted Propagator Program test certain batches of seed varieties several months ahead of planting season, called pre-season testing. Once they have tested the batches, they share the  results back to a dedicated resource on the De Ruiter team that compares these test results to our internal De Ruiter test results and considers the growing environment at the Propagator’s facility. Together, we evaluate the Propagator's growing environment to help the Propagator to proactively manage the environment and maximize the seed's potential. While growers should still purchase seeds based upon their Propagator’s standard oversow requirements, this program allows Propagators to evaluate certain seed in advance to help the Propagator to provide the right amount of plants at the right time. 

What’s in it for Growers planting De Ruiter seed?

De Ruiter is dedicated to providing you an excellent experience growing with us. That dedication starts by forming relationships along the journey of the seed from the very start to make your business successful, now and for the future. As a grower, you can feel confident that we are working with Propagators throughout Canada to help provide you with the right amount of plants at the right time. We are always proactively considering new ways to improve our relationships, make improvements and adapt to the changing market landscape. 

*Propagator qualification is subject to additional terms and conditions. Program terms for future growing seasons will be communicated at a later date.