De Ruiter® Cucumbers, Inspired by Our Growers

Cucumbers catered to an array of operations

At De Ruiter®, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of cucumber products available for harvest throughout the entire year. Our portfolio contains varieties with high yield potential and disease packages to suit our customers’ diverse growing conditions. From Long English to mini cucumber to cocktail cucumber hybrids, we work tirelessly to provide options to suit any grower’s optimal planting window, greenhouse crop type and preferred growing advantages.

In order to keep our lineup marketable, only the very best seeds advance from concept to creation. Each year we eliminate thousands of product ideas, focusing our resources on the seed technologies that help our customers grow true masterpieces. At the heart of it, our growers are the catalysts for these innovations.

"After developing our first round of varieties, Avaya and Autunno, we are now working on our second generation of products, further improved for yield and fruit qualities while keeping CGMMV and Px resistances as base traits,” said Belgin Cukadar, a De Ruiter Cucumber Breeder. 

These trends and research have resulted in the introduction of the newest member of our cucumber family, Davida, which is set to launch this summer.

As our cucumber portfolio continues to grow, we ensure that each product is backed by global knowledge and data to help our growers capitalize on local and regional trends. Because when art meets science, you can Grow A Masterpiece