Art Meets Science

Grow A Masterpiece

Our greatest source of inspiration is our growers. In fact, our mission is to bring the same level of passion to our work as they do to theirs. Upon speaking with our growers around the world, we heard the same thing over and over: beautiful, expressive language that described their vegetables, with an approach to growing that was the embodiment of science, innovation, and technology. This elevated mastery galvanized our brand. 

With this blend of both Art and Science in mind, we’ve decided to update our brand to ensure it truly reflects the passion that we hear every day – a passion for both the science and skill that goes that goes into growing and for what is created. So we’ve taken the word passion out of our own tagline, and we are ensuring it’s in everything we do – with that, our new tagline, Grow A Masterpiece was born. 

At De Ruiter®, we know a seed can grow more than a vegetable; it can grow a masterpiece. What we provide is just one aspect – like how the artist uses the tools at hand to craft his masterpiece, our growers use our seeds and apply precision and skill to create something strong and beautiful. 

We take a similar approach when breeding our products, a mix of art and science. That's why our portfolio of products is designed to reflect the artfulness of glasshouse growing. But we also recognize that what we can provide goes beyond our portfolio of seeds, and we match our customers’ enthusiasm for their crops by delivering one-on-one service. Our dedication comes from the knowledge that while distinctive seeds grow great fruit, only partnerships grow success.

Art and beauty are demonstrated in many ways – and we would love to see examples of yours. We would love for you to share a photo of a De Ruiter product in your glasshouse that we can use to showcase the beauty each of you are growing. Science is also beautiful – and if you have a photo reflecting that element, we would love to see that as well! We will use these photos to continue to showcase the Art and Science of growing masterpieces. 

To participate, please share a recent high resolution photo you’ve taken of a De Ruiter product. Email those to Within that email, please include your name, shipping address, and phone number – as we’d like to send you a small token of appreciation for sharing your photo with us!







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